Event Rules

We want everyone, runners, officials and marshals, and spectators to have a safe and enjoyable experience at this event. To do this, we need to comply with the requirements set by the race licence agency, public liability insurance and the highways authorities. So we hope that everyone can be sensible and sporting, and follow a few additional rules:

1. Instructions from race officials, event marshals, or representatives from emergency services or first-aiders must be complied with immediately.

2. Runners should always follow the racing line by keeping to the left of all public streets or paths, except when overtaking other runners. Runners must always leave ample room for runners who are overtaking, and also lead vehicles (cars or cyclists). In particular, groups of runners should not normally run more than two abreast, and should be in single file when the road or path is narrow. Shortcuts are not allowed.

3. In order to hear instructions from officials or other runners we strongly discourage the wearing of any ear-pieces while running (hearing aids and similar are of course permitted). This is particularly crucial in this multi-lap event, since a lot of overtaking will be happening.

4. The starting pens separate runners according to the specific race for which they are entered. Runners must enter their correct pen, and also position themselves appropriately according to their speed. This is not only a courtesy to other runners but also minimises the danger of bunching, tripping or other accidents during the opening half-mile.

5. You must wear the number and timing-chip allocated to you, since that tallies with the personal information you provided when you entered. In other words, you cannot transfer your number and chip to another person, without the prior approval of the race organisers.

6. The closure of the public roads stops at 1pm, so all runners must be finished by 12.30, in order for barriers, signs and other obstructions to be cleared. For this reason there is a CUT-OFF TIME for half-marathon runners entering their fourth and final lap. No runner will be allowed to pass the start-arch after 11.30. If a runner wishes to complete the lap on their own, on the pavement, that is entirely at their discretion but it cannot – for obvious reasons of safety – be done with the agreement of the event organisers.

7. The minimum ages for entry, on the day of the event, are: 11 years for the 5K; 15 years for the 10K; and 17 years for the Half-Marathon. For the Kids’ Race the minimum age is 8, but 5 for children accompanied by an adult.

8. Race entries cannot be exchanged or refunded after purchase unless the event is cancelled or, in exceptional circumstances, at the discretion of the Race Organiser.

9. If you have concerns about your fitness or ability to complete your chosen decision, please take advice from your doctor. If necessary, notify the race organisers and first-aiders prior to the race, and provide information about medication, allergies, next-of-kin (etc.) on the back of your race-number or on a document which you carry with you.

10. The event is intended to be accessible as possible. We have a guidance document to help and inform runners who may have particular impairments, or who need guide-runners, or use wheelchairs. Please consult this in advance by contacting John Dennis.

11. The event shall in all other respects follow the regulations of UK Athletics.

12. Breach of any of these rules renders you liable to disqualification or an appropriate sanction. Decisions of the Race Referee (Mike Moss), with that of the Race Director (Mark Hetherington) and assistants (John Dennis and Simon Forde), shall be final.