Getting Going

New to Running?

There is loads of support in Bradford and district to help all sorts of people to get running, meet others to train with, obtain guidance and maybe even become run leaders and to set up and/or join a group of likeminded people.

Already Discovered Running? 

Done the Bradford City Runs, Keighley BIGK 10K, Epilepsy Action Bradford 10K, Race for Life, or a parkrun?  Keen to share running with others: friends, colleagues, family?  Keen to keep running and conquer new challenges and improve?  Keen to run with others?

Good at Running? 

Bradford has the clubs, facilities, terrain, environment and events to enable you to bring out the best in yourself and reach whatever level to which you aspire!

Visiting Bradford? 

Whether on business, visiting or indeed working/studying day-to-day in the district, don’t forget your running shoes and make the most of what the district has to offer! Enter one of our local races or check out local trails on (enter “bradford uk” in the “Near” field)

What’s on Offer?

  • Help to set up a running group for friends/colleagues and/or family
  • Information about local running routes in Bradford and district;
  • Information about running events in Bradford and district;
  • Information about running clubs and opportunities for running in general in Bradford and district;

More Information

For more information as to how to get going, see our key contacts.

Get Running!!…


Keep Running!!…


Enjoy Running!!…