The Programme

Run Bradford is designed to promote, inform, encourage and inspire everyone
living in and around the Bradford District and visitors to it to enjoy all sorts
of regular running activities in this wonderful and friendly part of Yorkshire.
It is an inclusive and on-going programme that is open to all ages from
complete beginners to those wanting to improve (to whatever level).

The Run Bradford programme has been developed and is managed via the SportsShare
social enterprise set up as part of the Bradford Athletics Network (BAN)
structure. This was established  to ensure long term sustainability of athletics
in general and running in particular in and around the Bradford District.

The developing structure for running in Bradford, including the partnership
between BAN and Bradford Council for the Bradford City Runs and UK-firsts like
the GreenLine Mile routes, is amongst leading national examples according to
Chris Jones, Chief Executive of England Athletics.

This has resulted in recent specific investment for RunBradford from England
Athletics, enabling much better publicity and promotion of the overall
initiative and a specific 18-month programme designed to establish sustainable
running groups for new runners all over the Bradford District and BAN area.

The programme has two part-time co-ordinators who are currently developing
social media communications (Facebook, twitter, videos, YouTube) and supporting
the identification, training and support of leaders of the various running
groups that exist or are developing across the district. There are already
significant numbers of people discovering the joys of running!

BAN, through RunBradford and via Sportsshare, is working with key partners
including England Athletics, Bradford Council, Bradford ParkRun, University of
Bradford, Bradford College, Bradford Disability Sport and Leisure, One In A
Million, Bradford Bulls and West Yorkshire Sport to make this initial programme
a huge success and to build the infrastructure for continued sustainability and
enjoyment of running in all of its aspects for everyone now and into the future.