About Us

This is the home of the Bradford Athletics Network and the activities associated with it.

Bradford Athletic Network is an award-winning initiative with its clubs at the core. Athletics is a foundation sport in Bradford, and beyond. Not only is it an accessible entry into exercise, but the range of skills and techniques intrinsic to athletics are fundamental for anyone taking part in a sport or any form of active recreation.

Athletics is for everyone and as such the development of the clubs and of the Network are crucial to the health of our city and our communities.

Our activities articulate our innovative and successful approach to sport. Currently, Bradford Athletics Network facilitates exercise and competition for all our school children, enhanced training sessions for adult runners, public amenity development for recreational use, athletics reporting through local media, building relationships with international specialists, and developing local expertise and coaching, and more. We are constantly evolving.

Through this website we will share our current activities, as well as our future plans.

If you have any questions or want to know more please contact us.