Coaching Courses

Pathways into Coaching

Finding a Coaching Qualification is described in the diagram UKA Coaching Qualificaions and Pathway. You can see there the way of entering the coaching scheme that you wish to follow, and how you can progress to the level you desire.

If you wish to coach adult endurance running, the progression comprises:
Leader in Running Fitness -> Coach in Running Fitness -> Master Coach, specialising in middle or long-distance running.

If you wish to coach youngsters or track-and-field athletics, the progression comprises:
Athletics Leader -> Coaching Assistant -> Athletics Coach -> Master Coach, specialising in a group of events (e.g. field events, sprints), and/or a specific technical event (e.g. triple jump).

Levels of Coaching are described here. This stipulates what is permitted by coaches at different levels of qualification.

LiRF and CiRF Adult Endurance Leaders and Coaches Courses

Leaders and Coaches in Running Fitness (LiRF and CiRF respectively) are the first qualifications for anyone wanting to lead adult running groups. You will also need to have passed a CRB police check. Courses in West Yorkshire will be announced here when they are coming up.

Coaching Courses

Lists of Courses in the North of England are can be found here.

Note that most athletics networks are obliged to allocate 10% of their annual funding from England Athletics to financial support for coaches undertaking recognised courses.

Funding opportunities for coaches in the UK are described here.

Latest Updates

Latest information on Coaching and Leadership awards and support for coaches can be found on the UK Athletics uCoach website.