Greenline Miles

The Greenline
In theory you can walk-jog anywhere. However, if you live or work in a very built-up area you can face problems finding suitable routes near to home or work, particularly during darker winter months. The Greenline is a simple, cost effective solution that aims to address this problem through the installation of safe, easy to follow fitness loops in urban areas.

Greenline routes are designed to be short in length (approximately 1 mile) and easy to follow with green stud floor markers installed every 2 metres; regular Greenline branded lamp-post waymarkers at eye-level; and two “en-route” Greenline information boards all of which provide constant feedback to the user that they are “going the right way”.

All Greenline routes are circular so participants can join them at any point and 4 yellow quarter-mile floor discs incorporated into the route provide visual indicators of the distance travelled.

Bradford’s four routes
The first route will be opened on 4 February 2015 by Chris Jones, chief executive of England Athletics. The others will be opened in the coming months:
•    CityPark, Thornton Road and University
•    Little Germany
•    Valley Parade & Lister Park
•    Barkerend & Myra Shay.

Benefits of walking and jogging
Walking and jogging are extremely popular and low cost forms of physical activity that carry many potential health and wellbeing benefits including:
•    Improved physical health
•    Improve the health of heart and lungs
•    Achieving weight loss goals
•    Increasing bone density and helping guard against bone diseases such as osteoporosis
•    Boosting confidence and self-belief
•    Relieving stress and combatting depression